Payroll And Compliances

Payroll Services

To get the most out of the Human Side Of Things, an organization must attend a few key areas with utmost care and precision. The Payroll Management system happens one of them.

Human Resource Shared and Payroll Services:-

If you are a large corporation with multiple branches and a sizeable headcount on-field & (or) office, ensuring proper utilization of your human resource bandwidth must be right at the top of your checklist. In that case, our HRSS and Payroll Services will solve your problem.

We offer not only the HR Products but also the creators and executors of this product.

Payroll Services:-

SAIMA ensures a seamless payroll management experience with an expert team of HRSS professionals. At SAIMA, we offer the following services with possibilities of customization.

  • Attendance Management- Online/Offline
  • Leave Management – Online/Offline
  • Salary Processing
  • Tax & Computations
  • Payroll Compliance Computation
  • Reimbursements Audit & Approval

SAIMA employs interactive tools to ensure the following

We at  SAIMA have implemented Employee and Employer dashboards for seamless communications and observations.

  • HR Information Viewing
  • Attendance Data
  • Online Leave Management
  • Leave balance management