Permanent Recruitment :-

Close to five years of pioneering human supply chain management for many Indian firms have taught us the difference between ‘talents’ and ‘people’. Our innovative HR search models are equipped to identify resources who are aligned with the client’s needs.

Bridging the Gap

Indian organizations require more human resources at this point in time than they ever did. Hence, the need to connect job seekers with these organizations is presently at an all time high. We at SAIMA make it a top priority to bridge that gap between candidates and employers and make the most of the ample opportunities that today’s recruitment space has to offer. Here are a few relevant statistics and reports about the Perm Recruitment Landscape in India that shows the growth mention above.

Volume Search

Specializing in screened and aligned volume hires in industries like BPO/KPO, Pharma, BFSI, Logistics, and even ITES services.

The SAIMA advantages:

  • In-depth vertical knowledge
  • Quick turnaround time
  • Thoroughly screened candidates
  • A ready and extensive talent pool
  • Complete assistance – from skill mapping to onboarding
  • An able and dedicated team

Lateral Hires :-

Riding on deep market knowledge and skill set, we find experienced resources who are adept at the desired role and are further mapped meticulously to check their compatibility with the organization’s culture.

The SAIMA advantages:

  • Ready pool of resources who have been placed in multiple firms by SAIMA.
  • Optimized turnaround time thanks to regular market research and skill understanding.